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This elegantly designed Tankachute Dress, is cut loose with an a-line flare.

It’s the perfect addition to the spring summer wardrobe.

It pairs with many items from our travel-wear collection.

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T R A N S I T I O N S   F R O M   D A Y   T O   E V E N I N G



Super comfortable & extremely versatile with a soft drape-over from the waist

to hem for a flowing silhouette. Over-sized tank is in line with chic style.

Add a colorful bandeau or lace bra for show & tell.


Add The Madagascar Reversible Split Top for coverage.

Pair with Bamboo Jersey Shaping Tights.


The Secret To Packing Light Is Versatility

Our Collection Is Essential For Travelers


Regardless of your height, and size, this style is perfect for hiding

when your feeling bloated.



What Is A Pre-Order ?

A pre-order allows our client to reserve their own personal item before the release,

It is an item of merchandise that is inline to be sewn.

Pre-ordered items are either being sewn, or next in line.

Our pre-order can take four to eight weeks and will be shipped at the date of completion.

Why so long ?

We take extreme care, we manufacture our product in Canada

using only the highest quality fabrics that are easy care to create

our elegant versatile travel-wear collection.

Love Nikki xo

Boho Hippie Chic

Hippie Chic / Boho Chic is a style of fashion I love. It is a style of fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences. You know you are a true  Hippie Chic  at heart because your best-friend thinks you dress & eat  like a “hippie”,  your ex boyfriends think every dress you bought “looked like a sack”.

How to know you are Bohemian at heart?  You question the conventional, you express yourself openly, live in the now,  you love & respect nature.


Bohemians do what they want, live how they feel, love their freedom, creativity and change. And … we live from love.


Taking Advantage of Business Trips



When you frequently travel for work, there are times when you get numb by the whole experience that you just want to stay in your hotel room and wait for the flight back home. Here’s a couple of tips to turning your business trips into pleasure trips.

bali hotel_nikkibabie

1. Don’t end up in a chain hotel. Find a local hotel or bed and breakfast. This will require some research, because you don’t want something that is too far away from your conferences and meetings). This way, you’ll get a more authentic view of the country.

nikkibabie_bali hotel

2. Read up and do your research beforehand. Why read that Lonely Planet guidebook when you’ll barely see anything outside the conference room? But reading up on local history, or culture can provide helpful topics for conversations – and perhaps these might just pique your interest enough to get you pounding the pavement n search of something to see or something to eat.


3. Experience local culture. Even if there’s not much time to spare, there’s always a museum of local history or town’s point of interest to go to,

4. Start a conversation. It can be intimidating to approach locals. But try to learn a few local words from the guidebook and give it your best shot – your efforts will be appreciated and ultimately, rewarded.

5. Try the local cuisine. A quick and enjoyable way to learn about a country is to sample its food. Do eat at small, mom-and-pop, family restaurants. Developing a global, open mindset is important when traveling. It might be discomfiting at first, diving headlong into the culture of a different country, but the process of widening your experience and understanding new cultures through travel can be quite an eye-opening experience.


So the next time you are headed somewhere new to work, change your mindset and enjoy the experience instead.



Nikki ❤

all photos taken by Nikki Babie