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 Double up on our super soft hobo hoodies made from bamboo jersey. 

Free Shipping in Canada 🇨🇦 till March 31 2017


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All Season Brights

Versatile bamboo jersey  skirtpant & hipskirts worn as bandeau tops at Victoria Fashion Week. 


                            🌟🌟Nikki 🌟🌟

Seasonless Brights


 Seasonless , Immediate, Personal, Colorful, Elegant, Comfortable,  Wrinkle-Free

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              Transitions From Day To Night 

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Weekend Getaway

We’ve got you covered … 

Build your wardrobe with chic wrinkle-free bamboo Jersey essentials that transition from the beach to formal events.  

                            All Season TravelWear 

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                       Stylish Chic TravelWear

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Love ❤️ Nikki