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Guacamole Pasta Sauce

Theee – four large red onions & five garlic buds chopped small – sautéed in butter 

Let cool – scrape into glass mixing bowl

Add Four avacados, tsp Himalayan Pink Salt,  add a few pinches of pepper, cut organic fresh cilantro &  squeeze about 5 organic lines into the mixture 

Blend with a kitchen aid band blender

Use it as a pasta sauce, or as a dip with avacodo chips, or fresh organic veggies, use it as a base in a wrap for lunch … your choice 


Xo Nikki 

Can’t Sleep




Sleep Issues ?

Avoid foods that have the below ingredients

 For more detailed information on MSG or Free Glutamates view  links: 1 2 3

MSG  ( MSG is just the sodium salt of glutamate)  or free glutamates as a flavor enhancer is found in highly processed foods.

Calcium Glutamate

Monoammonium Glutamate

  • Magnesium Glutamate

    Natrium Glutamate

    Yeast Extract

    Anything hydrolyzed

    Any hydrolyzed protein

    Calcium Caseinate

    Sodium Caseinate

    Yeast Food

    Yeast Nutrient

    Autolyzed Yeast


    Textured Protein

    Soy Protein Isolate

    Whey Protein Isolate

    Anything :protein




Glutamic Acid


Monosodium Glutamate

Monopotassium Glutamate

Calcium Glutamate

Monoammonium Glutamate

Magnesium Glutamate

Natrium Glutamate.


Names of ingredients they may contain or produce

processed free glutamic acid



Bouillon and broth


Any flavors / flavoring


Citric acid, Citrate

Anything ultra-pasteurized

Barley malt



Anything enzyme modified

Anything containing enzymes

Malt extract

Soy sauce

Soy sauce extract

Anything protein fortified


Aspartame and MSG are the two most common forms of excitotoxins.


Overindulging is a NO NO

Festive Fashionistas!
Now that the holidays are near and you find yourself attending Christmas parties here, there, and everywhere, you will inevitably find yourself encountering lots of food. The temptation to pack it all in can be too hard to bear, but here are tips on how to avoid overindulging this season.
Avoid eating out of boredom, peer pressure (eating because everybody else is eating too), or simply because there is food available. Know the difference between eating until you’re full and eating until you’re stuffed. The latter will only give you feelings of bloating, fatigue, sleepiness and indigestion.
Socialize on a small scale. Instead of doing the rounds among every Christmas parties you get invited to, why not choose the parties that you really want to attend? This way, you lessen the exposure of being in front of buffet tables. Instead, celebrate the season by having a quiet dinner with close friends and family.

Eat vegetables and fruits throughout the day to compensate for the calorie-ridden food you have been eating during Christmas parties, which are usually held during night time. Here is my suggestion

… Avocados Are One Of A Few High-Protein Fruits. A single avocado has 975 milligrams of potassium, while a banana, well-known for being loaded with potassium, delivers just half that, with 487 milligrams per large fruit.

Doing this before an event can make you control the hunger pangs, so you wouldn’t so easily succumb to the temptation and head over by the buffet table. Minimize your calorie intake during those quiet days when you don’t have any plans of going out by using a low calorie meal replacement or a low calorie nutritional drink.
Stay active. The holidays is not a valid excuse to stop going to the gym or exercising. Exercise is especially critical during this time of the year. Exercising will help you to stay focused and maintain your other healthy habits.
Do not skip meals. Eat frequently but in small portions instead. Meal skipping will only lead to binge eating later in the day. Stay ahead of your hunger pangs by eating low calorie foods throughout the day.
Hope the blog helps!
Nikki ♥