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                       Victoria Fashion Week 

        It was a huge success & fantastic turnout!                                 


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The Mercedes-Benz StartUp Contest 

 Daniella Codreanu who writes for the Calgary Herald posed this question “what was the best comment or piece of advice that you where given by the panel of judges during the interview?” My answer was …  They said “I was ready to take this to the next level. There is no reason why I shouldn’t have a multi-million dollar business in the very near future.”

How do I feel? Excited! With their expert guidance and mentoring we will make this a reality! 


The Mercedes-Benz Start Up judging panel includes: JoAnne Caza, director of communications and public relations at Mercedes-Benz Canada, Robin Kay, president at Fashion Design Council of Canada, Carolyn Quinn, director at IMG Fashion, Kara Chomistek, president at PARK, Caroline Gault, Alberta editor at FASHION Magazine, Jacquelyn Francis, Montreal executive editor at FASHION Magazine, Caitlan Moneta, Toronto fashion market editor at FASHION Magazine and Olga Koel, fashion industry consultant.
Again, congratulations to Sp. Badu was selected to move forward in the competition showing his line in Toronto.