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Rain AnyOne ??


Although the weather has been beautiful lately, Rome had a few weeks of rain … These neon boots made quite a splash. Neon translucent lace up’s worn with short shorts, patterned tights and oversized sweaters. Italians cherish outward appearances … Fashion is the national passion !

Love Nikki xoxo

Beach Fashion Parade


It’s the season to hit the beach once more! Are you prepared with your Oceanside frolicking fashion pieces? If not, boy do we have some items for your consumption!

Beach Vix Dani Silk Dress

♥ Dani Silk Dress (Vix)

A dani silk dress is Aphrodite coming to life. With its free-flowing fabric and string straps, you have got to want to upstage the pillars of sexy! What I love best about this dress is the beaded end of its drawstring belt. Classic!

Beach J Crew White Panama Hat

♥ J Crew White Panama Hat

Pair your dress with this hot piece of item. This Panama hat gives you a certain sunny bo-ho vibe that will turn heads around your way.

Beach Zimmerman Wanderlust Printed Bandeau Bikini

♥ J Crew White Panama Hat

If you’re finally up for a dip, you’ll know the right two-piece will never go wrong. Aim for the most adventurous and get this bikini! Have a party printed on your bathing suit!

♥ Barneys New York – Margaret

The right summer footwear is sometimes hard to decide on but thankfully Barneys New York has a whole range of style to choose from. His one is definitely on the list! I just love how it complements the Bikini!

Beach Mar Y Sol – Caracas Double Stripe Sisal Tote

♥ Mar Y Sol – Caracas Double Stripe Sisal Tote

Oh yes! Basket. Weaves. Summer! This is all you need to get the beach goddess is festive lore!

Beach Madewell Hep Cat Shades in Milky Apricot

♥ Madewell Hep Cat Shades in Milky Apricot

Remember how last year everyone is predicting the “weird eyewear” phenomenon? Here it is lovelies! This Hepcat shades is so loud, your summer senses are rocked right into functionality!

The beach is calling you! Let’s dazzle it with our presence, shall we?


Nikki   ♥