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Beautiful HipSkirts made from heavyweight Bamboo Jersey available in Black or Charmix
Medium Weight Bamboo Jersey HipSkirts available in Stripes
All Solid Color HipSkirts are made with lightweight Bamboo Jersey for just the right amount of compression.


Fabulous Fit For All Sizes XS to Plus 3


Why You Will Fall In Love With
The HipSkirt

Timeless & Sophisticate.
Perfectly pairs with tights, skirts, tops, tee’s.
Can be worn day or night.

Sleek, Sexy, Comfortable, Soft, Versatile

Maximum To Light Shaping Control

It’s the control that you want with no discomfort. Controlled shaping with maximum to light compression so you feel your best. Slims down the core, hips and rear. Smooths out the lumps & bumps and at the same time lifting & shaping your booty.

AND ….
 Achieve the hourglass silhouette.

It is like having five skirts in one.

Made with love in Canada using organic sustainable fabrics.

Love Nikki oxox


Travel In Style – Go-Anywhere


Stylish and realistic looks to wear en-route. Fashionable outfits for planes, trains, automobiles, bikes, hikes and more …  And no matter how meticulously you pack your suitcase, how you expertly fold your items, and how impeccably your itinerary is planned, it all comes down to this: How are you getting there? And what are you wearing while you do it?

The Jupe de Vie (above photo) dress turns into a shoulder wrap, blanket or scarf in colder climates and air-conditioned locations, but most importantly, its the lightest, warmest blanket on a plane. I take 2 when I travel. One as a wrap, one for the legs. I can also casually toss the Jupe de Vie on as a scarf, skirt or dress (above photo) when it’s sweltering hot,  with my sneakers or sandals.

I always ensure I have my “Boyfriend Hoodie” it’s the sweater cozy enough to wear if I get chilly or to use as a pillow. Its my personal favorite Go-Anywhere item.

I’m traveling! I just want to be comfortable!

Bon voyage in comfort!!

Love Nikki



Hello Edmonton, Alberta !!

GoodAfterNoon Amazing Fashionista,

Visit our Booth this  weekend, we will be  at  The University of Alberta “ButterDome Spring Show & Sale” . Edmonton Alberta

An adaptable but stylish piece of clothing is every travelling Fashionista’s desire! But is there such a thing? Fret not! I design a versatile line of travel wear that can be worn in a number of ways.

Our casual, yet elegant, ensemble pieces take you from the boardrooms to the beach to a romantic dinner with Prince Charming. All you have to do to change from day wear to evening wear is a discreet alteration of your accessories and make up, a quick fix from heels to flats, and et voila, you are ready for your next event! So there is no need for you to bring bulky luggage packed to the brim with clothes – after all, you are on this trip to enjoy yourself, without having to worry that you didn’t bring enough clothes to last you the entire adventure.

We have a number of pieces from our collection that is a definite must have to survive your weekend folly. You can choose from our well-loved HipSkirt, Jupe de Vie, and Jupe de Fringe! Are you ready to take on the challenge of creating more than 10  looks with just 1 piece?  If so, take these babies with you on your trip and you’re definitely good to go!

All sorts of new colors & styles …

Nikki xxoo




Spring Into Stripes

Hobo Hoodie Designed by Nikki Babie

Hobo Hoodie Designed by Nikki Babie

Fashionistas – You Can Wear Stripes !

Free spirited…one with the Earth…harmony and love–this is what the Hobo Hoodie is all about.  Made to accentuate and frame the beauty, that is your face. The asymmetrical trapeze style, wispy hemline is  sexiness and soul interlaced and defined.

Client wearing Hobo Hoodie & Jupe de Vie

Client wearing Hobo Hoodie & Jupe de Vie

Bold, adventurous and tempting, the stripes are here   with a vengeance. If your style is ladylike don’t avoid stripes this spring !

HidesinHand.com  Designer wearing Jupe de Vie

HidesinHand.com Designer wearing Jupe de Vie

Diagonal stripes ~ they  guide the eye. Diagonal stripes  create a wraparound effect that makes your midsection look thinner.


Nikki Babie diagonal Stripe Jupe de Vie

Nikki Babie diagonal Stripe Jupe de  Vie

This Spring horizontal, vertical, curved  popped up everywhere marking the return of the timeless stripes as springs Star. Maxi-Mermaid Dress ~ boldly clashing kaleidoscopes of stripes.

 HidesinHand.com Mukluks & Weekend Bag

HidesinHand.com Mukluks & Weekend Bag

Striped Aphrodite

Striped Aphrodite

Diagonal stripes elongate.

Nikki Babie's Jupe de Vie & Hides in Hand Red Clutch Purse

Nikki Babie’s Jupe de Vie & Hides in Hand Red Clutch Purse

Don’t want the Hobo Hoodie to look too hobo-ish? No problem! Just cinch the waist along with a classy belt to emphasize your waistline and project an hourglass silhouette that would definitely make heads turn.  You are sure on your way to fashion perfection!

Hobo Hoodie

Hobo Hoodie

All items made in Canada with Love, visit our website

Love Nikki xoxo



Feel Bea-U-tiful

Nikki Babie ~Jupe de Vie

Nikki Babie ~Jupe de Vie Skirt) Aphrodite (top)

Practical & Stylish. Soft lines, floaty layers, romantic femininity. Emphasis on the waist remains while hemlines fall below the knee to maxi length. Light weight jersey is feminine & sensual elegantly caressing the body without revealing too much.

The Jupe de Vie, starts as a skirt and is the most versatile garment you will ever own. Made from soft, luxurious blend of natural bamboo rayon, cotton and spandex, the amazing Jupe de Vie flatters every figure.

This exquisite piece of beauty can be worn to the beach or a formal event. You will love the Aphrodite Feel like a goddess in the Aphrodite Top. The sexy wide neckline makes everyone gorgeous; Transitions from season to season.



One thing you’re really going to love about our simplistic style is that it will take you from casual to formal, or even globe trotting. Nikki Babie’s convertible Jupe de Vie skirt & the Aphrodite  top are designed to be multi-functional and easy to wear.

HipSkirt (bandeau top) Jupe de Vie (skirt)

HipSkirt (bandeau top)
Jupe de Vie (skirt)

Wear this amazing, versatile piece as a sexy HipSkirt or core shaper, a rear warmer over your skinniest jeans, leggings or slim skirt; pull it all the way up to wear as a bandeau top over your Jupe de Vie or favorite crazy jeans; pull it down and turn it into a flirty mini skirt.

Jupe de Vie (Skirt)   Aphrodite (Top)

Jupe de Vie (Skirt) Aphrodite (Top)

Travelling ? All you need is 4-6 items from our collection and off you go ….


Thankyou ONE OF A KIND SHOW ~ Toronto, Ontario Canada  for an amazing show !!

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