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Boho Hippie Chic

Hippie Chic / Boho Chic is a style of fashion I love. It is a style of fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences. You know you are a true  Hippie Chic  at heart because your best-friend thinks you dress & eat  like a “hippie”,  your ex boyfriends think every dress you bought “looked like a sack”.

How to know you are Bohemian at heart?  You question the conventional, you express yourself openly, live in the now,  you love & respect nature.


Bohemians do what they want, live how they feel, love their freedom, creativity and change. And … we live from love.


Dazzling Parties


One of my greatest passions in life is to ENTERTAIN! Dazzling parties, mind-blowing ambience to match that, and one hell of an outfit to top the night of all nights! My ultimate goal is for all of you, fashonistas, to have the greatest time of your life even if it meant your next morning would be a disaster ♥ Seriously though, I have here my secrets laid down: all the reasons why my unforgettable parties, even the last-minute-ones, executed to a tip-top success!  Read through and hopefully I can pass on the crown of being a carousal-queen-extraordinaire!

1.            An Aura-full of Ambiance!

A sentence filled with the letter A? YES! Because the party has got to be nothing more but A-Class!!!  Make the place sexier by dressing it up with tons of tea-light candles whenever and wherever possible!

Include the bathroom and the garden area! Turn the lights off or keep it dim.  A great recipe for mystery and appeal!

2.            Too Comfy to Mingle

Tall, stand up cocktail tables cloaked in sheer, lustrous, fabrics create a comfortable ambiance. There is nothing more than your guests mingling at a level where they can stare at each other eye-to-eye.

3.            Play That Funky Music!

Loosen up the place and fill the air with a pleasing tune. For great music choices to make the party roll along just as fine as the night, check out one of my favorite sites to buy music: Nikki Beach is a famous St. Tropez bar and has great choices!  Prep up and create your romantic soundtrack when that handsome prince approaches you!

MMMORE  few more music choices

True (hey brother) … Wake Me Up (wake me up)  ...Lani (Sunshine) & ( Every Little Thing) … Tattoos (Mary Me)  Trumpets (tattoos) .. Shiver Shiver (Walk The Moon) … 1975 ( The 1975)  Chocolate (The 1975)…  I can Lift A Car ( walk the moon)

Here’s a tip: At the start of the party, keep the music loud enough for them to hear what they have to say to each other, and then turn it up as the night goes on!

4.            Do the Drinks!

The wine connoisseur that I am, you would think that I would settle for nothing more, correct? Of course not, honey! I looovvve the rich taste and the sensation of a good cocktail in my tongue! I usually serve some “cocktail du soir” with hors d’oeuvres then move on to wine served with plates of fresh, luxurious cheese, charcuterie yummy bread toasts, olives, and nuts. don’t forget to have non-alcoholic beer & champagne available for the designated drivers.

5.            Dinner…..Anyone??

Skip dinner! Serve succulent easy-to-eat appetizers all night and keep your guests chattering the night away!

6.            Mischief Galore!!!

Last item on the list!!! Parties are all about having fun, isn’t that right? That’s the reason why you cooked up an affair in the first place! So do whatever it takes! Hide the keys, throw in the bubble bath! Enjoy the night to your heart’s content!


Nikki ♥