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Icy Flights

Nikki Babie

Do you freeze when you fly? Aisle seats are the coldest. Tip from experienced travellers visit


Pick the seat before you pick the flight.

Flight Tips:

Winter Socks

Flannel Shirt

Ski Jacket

Toque overtop Ball Cap

Blanket wrapped around legs

The Silent Treatment

Nikki BabieiRome Italy

Have you ever been given… the silent treatment for weeks or even months at a time. It’s a way to inflict pain without the bruises.

It is disrespectful, uncaring, punishing, and invalidating just to name a few. Sometimes you will never be told me why.

It’s a learned behaviour. It can leave you feeling emotionally wrung out or powerless. We all crave being noticed and loved. If this is happening in your life … detach.


Be unstoppable & unfuckwithable