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Versatile Fav.


Why Wait? 

       It’s time to try it a new way. 

Versatile tops instantly elevate your Spring and Summer look – think organic bamboo Jersey 

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Cozy & Chic

If you only purchase one thing, buy the Cargo Pant.

This seasons effortless style. Not only are Cargo’s going to be HUGE over the

next many months, it will add a youthful vibe to any item in your existing wardrobe.

Smart styling is the trick to making a outfit Awesome.


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Mix the Madagascar Split Top & Cargo like we have shown in the video

and you’ve got the LOOK

Love Nikki

Clothes To Really Love In


The Seasons New Appreciation Of The Shoulder



What you really need this season is something comfortable, versatile and simple.         Less is more. Style Tip:  Wear solids with splashes of color, add brights or stripes. Keep it sleek, nothing too revealing. Use colors/ stripes to draw the eye from a less favored feature.  Our Bamboo Jersey Collection transitions from the beach to gym to formal events. Accessorize. Perfectly simple styles and all ages appropriate.

Our line is timeless & elegant to ensure effortless style.

Love Nikki


This Week 

S H O P 
The Maxi Mermaid Dress is camera ready from day to evening.  It flatters a range of figure and lengthens the silhouette without adding bulk. Go very glam or wear it to a daytime event with  a cozy sweater. Boots? Heels? Sneakers? Flip flops ? Your choice! 

Love Nikki


Christmas Lights

The holiday season is just around the corner. I absolutely love 🌟Bright , Colorful &  Sparkly Christmas Lighting🌟  

There’s nothing like twinkly lights to add a little bit of warm cozy magic over the holiday. I’m not sure if you feel the same, but I love to leave the lights on to enjoy as often as possible .  I’m going to keep them up all year long!

Love Nikki 😘 

How To Clean Sterling Silver


Sterling Silver can tarnish really quickly.  

Keep stored in a zip lock bag. Helps prevent sterling  from tarnishing. Last week I decided to wear this beautiful necklace & heart designed by Bloodline Jewelry Design – Vancouver BC.


How To Clean Sterling Silver Quickly

1) Two cups of water in a pot, add 3/4 teaspoon of backing soda (sodium bicarbonate) .

2) Tear off a 2 inch squared chunk of tin foil and toss it in the water.

3)Use tongs to dip jewelry into pot.

4) Leave 30 seconds.

Its amazing how fast it works.

Love Nikki xoxo