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Happy Monday



This is my simple religion. No need for temples. No need for complicated philosophy. Your own mind, your own heart is the temple. Your philosophy is simple kindness

– Dalai Lama-



One Skirt 14 + Looks

Traveling somewhere hot?  Slip on a VoodoKini & The Jupe-de-Vie, our versatile skirt is a MUST-HAVE 

Pull the Jupe de Vie up and create a sexy dress. From the beach to formal events.

Flip flops, runners, boots or strappy stilettos …

From Season to Season – Effortless Style 

❤ Nikki 

Versatile Fav.


Why Wait? 

       It’s time to try it a new way. 

Versatile tops instantly elevate your Spring and Summer look – think organic bamboo Jersey 

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               Four Day Flash Sale Jan 26 – 30th  

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Cozy & Chic

Clothes To Really Love In


The Seasons New Appreciation Of The Shoulder



What you really need this season is something comfortable, versatile and simple.         Less is more. Style Tip:  Wear solids with splashes of color, add brights or stripes. Keep it sleek, nothing too revealing. Use colors/ stripes to draw the eye from a less favored feature.  Our Bamboo Jersey Collection transitions from the beach to gym to formal events. Accessorize. Perfectly simple styles and all ages appropriate.

Our line is timeless & elegant to ensure effortless style.

Love Nikki


This Week 

S H O P 
The Maxi Mermaid Dress is camera ready from day to evening.  It flatters a range of figure and lengthens the silhouette without adding bulk. Go very glam or wear it to a daytime event with  a cozy sweater. Boots? Heels? Sneakers? Flip flops ? Your choice! 

Love Nikki