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Clean Eating

Our number one focus has always been health and wellness.  If you don’t have your health ?? 

Eat spray free  – true organic – non gmo – fresh fruits & veggies.  Eat away illness and age-proof your body with antioxidant foods.

Eat to Live & Thrive

When you are healthy it is very easy to see unhealth -D.Ward-

P.s always check the ingredient list before you put anything in your mouth.  When at a restaurant do not allow them to microwave the food. Order items that are fresh off the grill.

Love Nikki xo

Cozy & Chic

If you only purchase one thing, buy the Cargo Pant.

This seasons effortless style. Not only are Cargo’s going to be HUGE over the

next many months, it will add a youthful vibe to any item in your existing wardrobe.

Smart styling is the trick to making a outfit Awesome.


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Mix the Madagascar Split Top & Cargo like we have shown in the video

and you’ve got the LOOK

Love Nikki


Mmmmmm … the perfect paleo dish 

 It’s simple, healthy and quick 

1/2 – 1 large Avocado

3 medium organic tomatoes diced

1/2 cup organic cilantro 


Heat the  frying pan & add the following 

Organic butter and an spoonful of water. If you use olive oil keep the heat low. 

1 clove organic garlic  sliced thin

1 medium red onion – sliced thin

Lean ground beef  (grass fed)

3 -5 tbsp ginger  .. I like using the entire ginger root because I 💛 the taste & health bennifits.                                           ——

Squeeze fresh organic lemon and or lime before serving!  It’s best when you use a fresh lemon or lime .. Not the bottled stuff .. 

 Dust it with Himalayan pink Salt … 💛


Nikki xoxo 

Ginger Lime Soup

Italian food is delicious but not  three times a day for three months.  It  was time to move into the hotel apt suite with a mini  kitchen.

It’s amazing what can be done with three working burners , minimal pots n pans.  

Tonight’s dinner : 

Boil  20 Brussels Sprouts  (sliced in quarters)

Sauté items below 

3 -4 organic garlic cloves diced

1 – 2 red onion finley chopped 

1 ginger root finley chopped (medium)

Sauté thinly sliced beef 

Add the sautéed items to the pot of boiling water … first pour out half the water when the Brussels Sprouts are ready. Then add .. 

3 tbsp of curry powder (add more if needed)

1/4 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt (add more if needed) 

1 can coconut milk (organic)

Add 3 tomatoes diced ,  2 cups diced cauliflower, and a 1/4 cilantro or parsley. 

Squeeze 2 fresh limes into the soup & serve. 

Takes about 1/2 hr 


💛 Nikki xoxo


Bamboo Jersey – Gotta Love It !

Sharon wearing Jupe de Vie as a Poncho

Sharon: Jupe de Vie as a poncho

GoodMorning Fashionista’s

Bamboo …. Our fabric is a soft, luxurious blend of bamboo rayon (66%), cotton (28%) and spandex (6%) for stretch. We love bamboo rayon because trees are fully sustainable, regrow in 55 days and require no pesticides, require little irrigation, and bamboo is biodegradable.

U gotta love it !!!

Sharon wearing a Jupe de Vie

Sharon wearing a Jupe de Vie

Rayon made from bamboo has a lovely natural luster; drapes and lies beautifully; is soft and luxurious to the touch; is machine washable and dryable; is pill-resistant, is colorfast, and is extremely strong and durable.

Machine Wash – Tumble Dry and Off U Go !

Tips for Travelling Fashionista’s:

Oh Yes, our clothes pack & travel beautifully ….
Hang up your garment on arrival; any creases quickly fall out; or hang garment in the ladies powder room while you shower and pamper yourself…. wrinkles will be gone in no time…
Any of our garments are easily hand-washed; just hand over the twoel bar to dry.

Sharon: Jupe de Vie as a Skirt

Sharon: Jupe de Vie as a Skirt

The SkirtPant , Its designed to show off what you want to show off, and hide what you want to hide. Many of our garments “arrange” themselves in the perfect way with our little trick – we call it the “Pull & Pinch”.  Grab the fabric at your waist or hips in a pinching motion; pull it out away from the body-about 2 or 3 inches – and then just let it go.  The fabric springs back into place, creating natural shirring that flatters your waist, hips, thighs, tush – Try It ! U will Love it Cause I DO !