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All Season Brights

Versatile bamboo jersey  skirtpant & hipskirts worn as bandeau tops at Victoria Fashion Week. 


                            🌟🌟Nikki 🌟🌟

See U There 

                         Tonight’s The Night!  

                Victoria Fashion Week 6-9pm

                                    SOLD OUT 

                 The Atrium 800 Yates Street 

                          Victoria BC Canada 


The Boyfriend Hoodie 

Made for Men but 99% Women buy for themselves! 

It’s rare to run into two men wearing the same hoodie. Love it! 

Click Link  Below To View                                                   The Boyfriend Hoodie On The Ladies

Love Nikki xo

Up-To-Date Elegance

            Up-To-Date-Elegance – Reawakened 

                       The photo created by 

                             Solve Sundsbo 

                         Italian Vogue 2011.

                                   I 💛 it!