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Happy Easter

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Hvar — Paradise in Croatia

Hvar 1


From time immemorial…or from that very moment you started following my blog, you would know how much I adore travelling to exotic places. With that, I’m delighted to tell you that today’s post is all about indulging in this whim.

Croatia’s mysticism has captured me. Imagine this Adriatic jewel surrounded by the luscious blue, endearing your senses until you, yourself, decide to succumb.

Hvar 2

In Croatia, the best place to be is Hvar Island. The pristine clear waters can definitely take your breath away with its charm. Oh, and to truly appreciate the beauty of this wonderland, if you can, stay away from hotels. They tend to be all the same: food, scene, mattresses—the entire experience all scripted to a pulp. Crash in an apartment (I would suggest family-ran apartments so as to have that sense of security) and get that feeling that you’re one of the locals. Also, hire a scooter to go around town. With this, you can uncover treasures in the form of secluded swimming havens. You can even go up to the edge of the island where you can feel such serenity of being in command and in perfect balance.

Hvar 3

If your stomach decides to let you know its share of toil, a tiny seaside restaurant located 15 minutes via scooter away from Old Town would be perfect. The name of the place is Gego and in this place, seafood has never been this delicious. A must try would be their lobster spaghetti.

After dining, a good drink would be much deserving. Find your way to Hula Hula Bar and indulge in chill music over the sea coupled with original shooters and cocktails.

Finally, swimming. The visit on the island would not be complete without planning to enjoy the waters so head to the coastline and fulfill your fantasy. Scooter your way through Zarace –the shores are to die for!

Croatia has a lot of pieces of paradise hidden up its sleeve. All you’d have to do is research and ask to unearth them. Surely, the travel time and all the stress in the preparation would all be worth it!


Nikki ♥