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Seasonless Brights


 Seasonless , Immediate, Personal, Colorful, Elegant, Comfortable,  Wrinkle-Free

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              Transitions From Day To Night 

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Yoga Style 

Versatile style both on & off the mat. The soft organic bamboo jersey separates transition from the mat to the beach, the office, to late night parties. Accessorize to change the look.

Simple – Elegant – Travel & Yoga  Wear

Want to see our collection? Join us February 25th Victoria Fashion Week  6-9pm

Love Nikki xo 

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas


Cozy Yet Stylish

The Most Comfortable …        Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit Ideas.

Lounge around in The Boyfriend Hoodie & Ninja SkirtPant, or The Bamboo Shaping Tights & HipSkirt. 


Feel Super Cozy All Night Long.

Love Nikki xo 

What’s A HipSkirt ?

The HipSkirt

The HipSkirt

Here’s a FASHION TIP fashion tip: learn how to layer clothes! Traveling somewhere cold? Or attempting to hide unwanted flaws such as your tummy?

The solution: layer, layer, layer!

One of the newest products off our new collection is the HipSkirt. It is a bandeau top designed to be worn with the Aphrodite top. It gives a little splash of color and adds a wee bit of length to the top when worn shirred on the hip.

HipSkirt worn as a mini (grey)

HipSkirt worn as a mini (grey)

The most amazing part about our HipSkirt is that it cinches on the waist to hide unwanted flabs in that area. Aside from that, you can also use this versatile item of clothing as a mini skirt, or a bum warmer, or a bandeau top – best of all, it is a core shaper.

Just buy one size down from what you would normally wear, or you may also refer to our HipSkirt size chart.

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Nikki Babie

Wrinkle Free, Worry Free

HipSkirt as a Bandeau Top nikkibabie_fringe_hipSkirtnikkibabie_aphrodite


Of course, we all know the feeling of having this one beautiful, yet delicate piece of elegant garment that we always love wearing especially on important occasions. This piece would be our cloak of confidence–our ultimate weapon, so to speak. The problem is, most dresses of such intricate quality are easily wrinkled into such disarray!

Now, the Nikki Babie brand of clothing was designed with your comfort in mind. The material of our ready-to-wear collection is from bamboo jersey which is known to highlight your curves and flatter your figure. This material is a magical piece that will definitely make unpacking after a travel be a breeze – just hang the clothes off your suitcase, as there’s no need to bother yourself with ironing them!  After using each item, you can machine-wash and then hang them out to dry. Our pieces won’t shrink or fade away in color!

I personally know the pain of that ritual that is why we have come up with something that you can literally wash, pack, and wear without losing its sophistication! You can flaunt in your ultimate look of grace and even go extreme and literally dance the night away without looking like a clutter!


Nikki ♥

My Spring Summer 2014


What is the One of a Kind Show? The One of a Kind Show (Toronto, Ontario) has become a Canadian shopping tradition for those in search of the unique, handcrafted and the fantastic. Attracting over 200,000 visitors annually, the event features handmade designs by over 800 artists, makers, designers and craftspeople. The One of a Kind Show has been running since 1975.


Ladies, it’s our time to round up the army of beauties and leave your men at home! Oh, and by that, I mean leave them, but don’t forget their wallets and credit card pin numbers, CLEAR?! Mid-afternoon wine and delicious cheeses are recommended. After indulging, it’s time for your purpose-driven wanderlust. You’ll look for a haven packed with eccentric collections from all over Canada—one of a kind—exclusive, limited, seemingly fated to be yours and yours alone!

This Spring, there are plenty of retail shows, juried craft shows, and all artesian exhibiting their striking handmade products from a diverse collection of cities across the country. You will expose a treasure of extraordinary, inimitable, designer clothing.

You will find Nikki Babie, exquisite porcelain, chick leatherwork, rich woodwork, exotic jewelry…

Upcoming Shows … (more TBA)   Butterdome -Edmonton, Alberta.                                                                                                   Festival of Arts – Calgary, Alberta                                                                                       Beaches – Toronto, Ontario                                                                                                       Circle Craft Summer Market -Vancouver BC                                                                       Calgary Stampede – Calgary, Alberta

View our show schedule

Just so you know ….

We design clothes to slim, shape, conceal, heighten, our styles accentuate your best features. And our product eliminates the  need for a shaper.

HipSkirt - Shaper

HipSkirt – Shaper

We love this.                                                                                                                                  We love exhibiting at the retail shows & craft shows. It enables me, Nikki Babie, to check and see how my designs fit and look on an assortment of body contours.


Now at these events you can check our latest collection.  The new Bamboo Versatile Travel Collection has been a hit! Let us take you everywhere with it! You’ll simply adore it.

Bear in mind, fashionistas, that if you feel incredible in an outfit and it makes you stand taller, boiling your eyes up to a majestic sparkle, MAKE THE PURCHASE!

Do not listen to anyone’s opinion!

Follow your instincts since this is what we, fashionistas, do perfectly best:                           We listen to our inner truths…and we act on them!

Xo Nikki ❤️