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Clean Eating

Our number one focus has always been health and wellness.  If you don’t have your health ?? 

Eat spray free  – true organic – non gmo – fresh fruits & veggies.  Eat away illness and age-proof your body with antioxidant foods.

Eat to Live & Thrive

When you are healthy it is very easy to see unhealth -D.Ward-

P.s always check the ingredient list before you put anything in your mouth.  When at a restaurant do not allow them to microwave the food. Order items that are fresh off the grill.

Love Nikki xo

Paleo FYI

paleo diet


The Paleo diet sounds something like another quick-fix, fly-by-night diet fad, but this type of diet has been around for quite some while. Many people are surprised to know that the Paleo diet is named after the Palaeolithic era, or the ”Old Stone Age”, which started 2.6 million years ago, before agriculture or farming even began.

The premise of this diet regime is pretty simple โ€“ it all goes back to what people ate during the Paleolithic era, the kind of foods that predate agriculture like fruits, vegetable, and lean meat that hunter-gathering cavemen brought home to eat. The theory behind this is: our hunter-gatherer people survived on meat and fish that was not saturated with preservatives, as well as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, during the Agricultural Revolution, various toxins and chemicals were introduced into food to create processed food that increases its shelf-life but decreases its nutrients.

The advocates of this diet claim that our modern diet, high in carbohydrates and processed food, is not something that we are genetically and intrinsically made to consume with, and as such, it is unhealthy. So the goal for Paleo dieters is to go backโ€” a long way back โ€” and eat the way those primitive people did in the Paleolithic Era. The whole point of the diet is to effectively cut out all kinds of refined and processed food, and carbohydrate-rich potatoes, grains, and dairy.

The Paleo diet completely eradicates sugar and grains from your diet. You can only get sugar from one source and one source only: fruits. Paleo advocates say that sugar causes an energy rush and crash in our bodies, and it quickly turns to fat unless your body has a high metabolism and itโ€™s used immediately. So remember, the basics of Paleo is that there are no grains, no sugar, and no to processed foods. Many research has shown that if these three simple eating habits were eclipsed from our diets, an incredible number of diseases and lifestyle issues can be reversed.

What do you think about this?


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